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STORY BY Daniel Figueiredo


Love's Artwork:
Organized Chaos, Messy Perfection

LOGLINE: A lovely couple consisting of a highly organized artist and a very messy accountant finds harmony through their differences.

TYPE: Feature Film  

GENRE: Family / Comedy

DURATION: 110 Minutes






Dave is the lead singer of a rock band. Despite his rock and roll lifestyle, he is a very professional, methodic, and organized person. He is a hard worker who wakes up early, devoting himself to managing his band efficiently from his office. Dave is married to Jane, a professional accountant. She is disorganized, emotional, and chaotic by nature. Dave brings balance to her life, maintaining order in their house and keeping things in the right place. Despite their differences, they live in perfect harmony, however, one might wonder… What if they had to work together?



DAVE MARSHALL is a full-time artist who earns his living by playing with his band, a pursuit that thrives due to his strong work ethic. He meticulously organizes his work using spreadsheets and notebooks, demonstrating punctuality in his appointments. At home, Dave likes everything organized as well. He keeps everything in its designated place, ensures a clean and organized house, and he takes care of the shopping, cooking, and managing household tasks. 


JANE MARSHALL works as an accountant. She’s supposed to be an organized person, but in reality, she is sensitive, emotional, and mostly messy. She finds in her husband Dave all the support she needs to keep her life on track.


Dave and Jane are a couple who live together in their apartment. They are happy and love each other. The harmony between the two occurs despite their personality differences. Dave is engaged in an artistic career, whereas Jane is an accountant. However, Dave is the kind of person who is organized, formal, and professional. He makes the habit of being up early to work in his office, dressed smartly like an executive. Regardless of being the lead vocalist of a rock band, Dave approaches his artistic career very seriously. This seriousness also extends to his personal life, as he consistently keeps the house tidy, his clothes organized in his closet, and handles all the grocery shopping. Jane is the complete opposite of Dave. She is an emotional person who doesn't enjoy waking up early and often walks around the house in her pajamas. Jane struggles with serious issues of disorganization, which even affect her work. Dave tries to help her by suggesting some of his organization techniques, or his courses, but she finds it too difficult to adapt. Despite these differences, the couple lives happily together until one day when they are forced to work together. These contrasting traits could potentially cause problems for them.



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