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Gina and Simon risk their lives to uncover the deadly truth when Jim is murdered by a serial killer targeting black people in a weird border town in Washington state.

TYPE: Feature Film

GENRE: Crime/Mystery/Thriller/Whodunit

DURATION: 110 Minutes




PRODUCER: Daniel Figueiredo

PRODUCTION COMPANY: XpandFilms / Stone Horus Media/ TXS 



Black activist and writer Jim Light and his pregnant wife Linda are murdered by a mysterious gunned Truck Driver who chases them on a deserted road. The next day, Gina receives a call from officers Ramsey and Dylan. They tell her that her brother Jim committed suicide after taking his wife's life. Gina knows it is not true. The desperate search for the murderer makes Gina team up with her ex-husband Simon, an  ex-cop and a P.I, who stills loves her, and helped her to raise Jim in his childhood and teenage. Gina and Simon come to Sordale, a weird all Caucasian border town, trying to find out what happened. They come to the morgue to recognize and reclaim Jim´s body and find out that he was battered. They discuss it with the Coroner Jameson and first responder Offiver Fredson, two other suspects of the crime, who claim that the bruises on Jim´s body were due to the car crash that happened before Jim supposedly took his life. The audience and Gina and Simon know it is not true.

Gina and Simon can hardly believe when Chief of Police Douglas closes the case, ruling it as murder-suicide. The Chief and his son Tony are other suspects of the crime.  At Jim´s funeral, Gina and Simon learn from a journalist friend that Jim was writing a book on the serial killing of black people in Sordale, cloaked as fake suicides or car crashes.

Geoffrey, the book editor, is murdered by a masked Hitman who disguises the murder as a heart attack. Jim´s book is deleted, and no none else has it.  Gina and Simon move to Sordale to uncover the truth about the serial killing of black people in Sordale. They put themselves as baits to attract the serial killer.


The plan works, and soon they will strive to survive the attack of the same mysterious truck driver on the deserted road.


Audiences love whodunit movies. The viewer gets the clues from which the identity of the crime perpetrator may be deduced before the story reaches the revelation at its climax. Hatred racial crimes are not only a timely issue. They are timeless since the very beginning of American. Recent events demonstrate it again and again, without a shadow of doubt.

It´s a female lead, with a strong male partner, two roles with great opportunities for A-list actors. The Film could be the first of a series of mystery crime films, with Gina and Simon solving different hatred crimes. 


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Tiago Santiago is a very successful Brazilian screenwriter, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. He has written 18 TV series for Brazilian main networks, such as Vamp, Uga Uga, A Escrava Isaura, Mutantes, and Você Decide, among others. Tiago has won the highly prestigious São Paulo Association of Art Critics TV Award (2006). He is also a 4-time Premio Contigo Award nominee (considered the Oscar of Brazilian TV) as Best Writer 2005, 2006, 2008,2009.


He has also been nominated twice for the "Prêmio Qualidade" (Quality Awards) as Best Writer for TV. Quality Awards ceremonies take place since 1977 and have different versions in 21 countries. Tiago Santiago’s TV series transcend national and cultural boundaries and have achieved global audience with great commercial success and recordbreaking television ratings in many different countries. Graduated in Social Sciences, with MA in Sociology, Tiago has recently moved to Los Angeles.







Daniel Figueiredo is a renowned music producer and entrepreneur, recognized as one of Brazil's most accomplished music score composers. He has composed music scores for over 20 TV series, which have been broadcast in more than 150 countries, in addition to numerous films. Notable among his achievements are the successful soundtracks for telenovelas such as “The Mutants: Pathways of the Heart,” “Opposite Lives,” “The Law and The Crime,” “Joseph from Egypt,” “The Promised Land,” and the phenomenal success “Moses and the Ten Commandments.”

Carolina Brasil was born in Rio de Janeiro and graduated from the University of Miami in 2007. In that same year, she founded a clothing company. As a promising new designer, she was invited to showcase her brand on the runway at Nolcha NY Fashion Week, where she garnered attention as a rising star in the fashion industry. Since then, her brand has gained recognition in the United States for its innovative collections.



Anselmo Martini is a Brazilian-American producer, director, and experienced attorney who has worked in prominent law firms in Brazil, New York, and Los Angeles. With a wealth of knowledge in law, international affairs, and business, Martini has established his expertise in these fields. He has also been affiliated with the prestigious advertising group, WPP Group, located on Madison Avenue. In Los Angeles, Martini founded the Monarca Group and co-founded Stone Horus Media, while in Brazil, he established Monarca Filmes.


The film will be presented in a live-action feature format, entirely shot in the United States. The footage will be captured in meticulously selected locations, both outfitted and studios.


The film will premiere in theaters and on digital video on demand platforms with a broad publicity campaign and a specialized press office. Investors will receive: 15% premium of total cash investment. EQUITY INVESTMENT allowing a net profit share based on money invested. Expected ROI in 12 mos.


In addition we will have: Signature on movie calls and trailers (eg “Sponsor” presents);Relationship Marketing (Session closed for the company and its guests, before the premiere with the presence of team, crew and media; Copies of the material; Privileged participation in the media plan;Expanded reach target with brand exposure in all actions derived from the product; Association in interviews in the media; Logo on the Backdrop of the press conferences with the presence of the actors and director; Inserts in social networks, newspapers, magazines, radio, posters, banners, gifts, urban furniture, billboards in the main capitals, bus doors in the main capitals, aeromedia, national press advice, promotional actions, radio spots with the phrase “COMPANY PRESENTS ”.

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