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Two grumpy old men compete for the affection of the same daughter.

TYPE: Feature Film  

GENRE: Comedy / Drama / Action

DURATION: 110 Minutes

TARGET AUDIENCE: Young Adults / Adults


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Jerry always lived as a scoundrel making mistakes, cheating, lying, and doing small scams. He finds out he has a daughter and decides to go after her to settle down and start a new life.

His daughter already has a father. Tony Cooper is a widower, grumpy guy, willing to keep anyone away from his beloved stepdaughter. Tony recognizes a rogue from a distance. It’s hate at first sight. Some unexpected and funny situations will arise from this dispute, and the end of this story will be the most unlikely.

Sherry is in the middle of this fight and has to deal with her two grumpy daddies and make a choice, and that will be the most challenging choice of her life.

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THE CONVENIENCE STORE  Tony owns a convenience store, where he spends most of his time. Jerry often visits this store to meet his daughter. The store is a common venue for disputes between the two grumpy old men.

THE STREETS  Jerry spends the majority of his time on the streets, living in his car when he can't afford a motel. He handles his vague “business,” runs scams, flirts, and wanders around. He constantly hides and runs from creditors and loan sharks. Chase scenes are a staple action element in this film.


Jerry lives a life focused on appearances, cheating and deceiving people, borrowing money, and accruing various debts all to pretend he is successful. This charade continued until the day he discovered that he was a father.

Jerry has previously been in a relationship with a woman named Jenny, who had a baby without Jerry's knowledge. They had parted ways long ago, and Jerry lost touch with her. Upon hearing about a daughter he never knew he had, he decided to seek her out.

Sherry, now in her early twenties, had been adopted by a couple. After the death of her stepmother, she was left with only her stepfather, Tony Cooper, for company. They lived a humble life, with Tony running a small store where Sherry would occasionally lend a hand when she wasn't in school.

Despite Sherry's willingness to help, Tony prefers to keep her away from the store. He dreams of a better future for his daughter, which includes graduation, and he fears the store's environment is unsuitable for a young woman. It distresses him when employees or customers behave inappropriately towards Sherry.


After the loss of his wife, Tony became an irritable, demanding presence, impacting those around him, including his customers. Despite his brusque demeanor, his soft spot is his adopted daughter; for Sherry, Tony's demeanor is always kind.

Jerry, seeking redemption, reunites with Sherry, with the intention to care for his newfound daughter. However, Tony proves an obstacle. Jerry's past is clear to Tony, who distrusts him instinctively. The animosity between the two men is immediate.

Jerry, however, is not easily deterred and is willing to confront Tony at every moment. Their ongoing dispute results in a series of unexpected and comical situations. The ultimate resolution is far from predictable.

Caught in the middle of this conflict is Sherry, forced to navigate between two grumpy old men. Initially, she holds affection for her stepfather while feeling the sting of rejection from her biological parents.

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Jerry, undaunted by Tony, attempts all possible methods to gain custodial rights, including a lawsuit. Tony starts feeling increasingly ill; his health begins to deteriorate, and he develops a noticeable limp but insists he is fine. Jerry takes note of Tony's declining health and sees it as an opportunity. However, he soon realizes the toll their feud is taking on Sherry. Out of love for his daughter, he chooses to step back.

Jerry changes his approach, deciding to remain close to Sherry. He begins providing support to both her and Tony, even helping out at the store.

Becoming increasingly curious about her biological mother, Sherry grapples with feelings of abandonment. Jerry confesses his past immaturity, cheating, and dishonesty to her, admitting that his mistakes led to their separation. He adds that he realized his love for Jenny only after losing her.

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Moved by Sherry's longing to know about her mother, Jerry looks for Jenny, eventually discovering her in an asylum. Jenny is no longer able to recognize him, and he is filled with remorse. Sherry, empathetic towards her father's plight, remains by his side the entire time. Following this revelation, they decide to start a fresh chapter of their lives together.



JERRY “SLICK” LARRY  is a scoundrel who finds out he is a father, so he decides to change and search for his daughter to start a family. Initially, he may look unreliable, but gradually, he will reveal his true character. His good traits will increasingly shine through the film in expressions of redemption, love, and motivation for his past actions.


TONY COOPER is a grumpy and ill-tempered shop owner who is always seemingly in a bad mood with everyone, except for his beloved stepdaughter. His character also evolves during the movie. At first, he appears miserable and grumpy, but slowly the audience will discover his good heart.


SHERRY is both Jerry's and Tony's daughter. She's a good girl, always helping her stepdad where she can, and she's also a good student with dreams and goals. She feels hurt for being abandoned, and this topic usually spoils her mood.


CAROL ANN is Tony's wife and, aside from Sherry, is Tony's soft spot. Her loss was the primary reason for Tony's grumpiness. Her presence will be felt mainly through Sherry's memories.


JENNY LARRY Jenny is Sherry's biological mother. She made the difficult decision to give Sherry up for adoption, and unfortunately, they lost all contact with each other. Jenny was diagnosed with a severe mental illness, leading her to reside in an asylum. This revelation was the reason behind the adoption of their daughter.



JOSE is a Mexican-American store employee. José is a typical Latino lover. He is constantly trying to get close to Sherry. Tony frequently becomes mad at him for flirting with Sherry and always keeps an eye on him. José dresses like a pimp and is very self-confident, similar to a poorer Mexican version of Don Juan. Tony doesn't get rid of him because he's an excellent worker who doesn't mind getting paid less than average.


NOAH is another employee at the store. He's not very discreet about being gay. Despite Tony being very old-fashioned, it's ironic how Tony accepts him for who he is. There will be some


GRACE is a regular customer at Tony’s store, frequently purchasing small items such as cigarettes and gum. Although advanced in age, she enjoys visiting the store to engage in playful banter with Tony. Although they exchange insults, they are good friends. Grace is known for voicing her complaints about various aspects of the store, and Tony often expresses his annoyance with her presence. However, beneath it all, Grace secretly appreciates Tony, and he misses her when she is absent.


BENJAMIN  is a very good person, about the same age as Sherry, who lives nearby. He frequently looks for a reason to visit the store just to see Sherry. Furthermore, he's always watching her or trying to strike up a conversation. Tony is aware of the situation and prefers to keep him away from Sherry. There might be a moment when Jerry is at the store and recognizes this. Jerry and Tony will become frustrated with Benjamin, and this will be one of the moments where the two grumpy old men bond.


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