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A new evolution gives rise to a distinct breed of humans, casting doubts about the future of humanity.

STORY BY Daniel Figueiredo




Determined to exterminate a newly advanced human race from Planet Earth, a geneticist is ready to go to any extent, even if it involves sacrificing his own children.

TYPE: Feature Film

GENRE: Action / Science fiction

DURATION: 120 Minutes

TARGET AUDIENCE: Adults / Young Adults




What would you do if you were on the brink of extinction due to a new species of human beings that are more advanced than Homo sapiens?


In a world divided between two species of human beings – the Homo sapiens and a new mutation of them. The Homo sapiens face a dilemma as they are on the verge of extinction. The Homo logikus, who are more advanced in controlling their emotions, evoke both admiration and fear wherever they go. Some consider them as the next natural step in human evolution, while many view them as a threat to the complete extinction of the Homo sapiens. The fear will lead world leaders and esteemed scientists to adopt a harsh approach towards Homo logikus, perceiving them as a dangerous menace that needs to be eradicated.


Inspired by iconic Science Fiction masterpieces like “Gattaca," "Blade Runner,” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” HOMO LOGIKUS presents a thought-provoking scenario: What if, in a world where Homo sapiens lack cooperation between individuals and nations, a new species with superior mental capabilities suddenly emerges on Planet Earth?


What actions would we be brave enough to take against these newly evolved individuals? Should we consider outlawing them? Should we contemplate their extermination?


This film portrays a science fiction narrative that delves into how far people are willing to fight when their very survival is at risk. It highlights the absence of ethical and moral boundaries when faced with a potential threat that may not even be legitimate. Additionally, the movie depicts a fractured world where intolerant individuals harbor a desire to eradicate an entire race perceived as threatening by some.


In a world influenced by unrealistic concepts, humanity is now faced with a decision: to maintain peace among people or to embrace the extreme cruelty that we, as Homo sapiens, have frequently engaged in.



THE HOMO LOGIKUS are a new generation of human beings characterized by complete emotional self-control. Their ability to control emotions gives them several advantages. They are targeted by Homo sapiens who perceive them as a threat to their species, similar to how Homo naledi, Homo floresiensis, and Neanderthals were the cause of extinction for other species.


THE FORTRESS is an underground, highly technological concentration camp designed to imprison and subject Homo logikus to cruel scientific experiments.

THE ISLAND is a secret refuge established and maintained by billionaire Julius Hassam to provide a peaceful living environment for the Homo logikus. Untraceable by satellites and tracking systems, Its location is only known to Julius, who, together with his assistant, are the only individuals capable of accessing the intricate technological monitoring and tracking system on the island.


Abraham Reese takes on the role of a mysterious leader in a revolt of Homo logikus against Homo sapiens. He claims that twins Sean and Harry Reese will be the key revolutionaries in a war that aims to eliminate Homo sapiens from the Earth. Harold and his wife Helen, after watching a video of this enigmatic leader discussing the rebellion of Homo logikus, seek out Julius, who they believe is the only person capable of preventing a destructive conflict between the two races. Julius, the owner of a vast technological empire, dismisses their fears and says that the video, as well as Harry and Sean Reese, must be fake.

On Resistance Island, which serves as the headquarters of the resistance of Homo logikus, Steven plans a daring raid on the Fortress, an advanced underground concentration camp, to rescue his wife, Antonella. After a successful operation, Steven manages to save Antonella and her cellmate, David. Once on Resistance Island, Antonella, and David meet Anna and her identical twin sons, Harry, and Sean Reese. David is amazed to discover that despite their identical appearance, the twins have a unique trait: Sean is a Homo logikus, while Harry is a Homo sapiens.

Steven becomes suspicious of Antonella's distant behavior and her refusal to be touched, suspecting that she is having an affair with David. David comes across a tracker on the island and accuses Antonella of being on the side of their oppressors. She denies the allegations and says that the tracker belongs to David. David then reveals that he witnessed Antonella being subjected to daily brainwashing within the Fortress, where she was taken for extended periods. Each day she returned, she seemed distant and changed. Antonella and David are subsequently imprisoned on the island.

Julius confides in Harold and Hellen, revealing that he is the creator of the untraceable island. He also tells them that Sean and Harry Reese are present there. Additionally, he explains that the supposed leader of the Homo logikus rebellion intends to use the twins for a scientific experiment. A spy planted in Julius's company by Abraham Reese discloses that only Julius can decipher the island's location. Abraham's troops capture Julius and his assistant and subject them to torture to extract the whereabouts of the island. Despite the torment, Julius refuses to disclose the information. However, his assistant eventually gives in and reveals the password for accessing the island. As a result, Abraham orders the execution of Julius and his assistant.

Harold and Hellen discover that Julius, along with the entire staff of his company, has been murdered, and the building has been destroyed. In response, they decide to infiltrate the Fortress to free the captive Homo logikus individuals. Abraham, determined to retrieve his sons, Sean and Harry, orders the complete bombing of the island to ensure no survivors are left. Antonella manages to escape from the island prison, taking Sean and Harry as hostages, thus demonstrating her loyalty to Abraham.

Anna and Steven successfully rescue David from his imprisonment. David reveals that Antonella is about to betray Sean and Harry. A helicopter from the Fortress lands on the island, and Antonella hands over the twins. However, as she tries to board the aircraft, she is pushed aside by the soldiers. Antonella unveils that she made a deal with Abraham Reese, who promised to cure her of the Homo logikus gene. From within the helicopter, a soldier armed with a rifle callously states, “Here's your cure,” and shoots her in the head, resulting in her death.

Anna and David comfort Steven, who is grieving the loss of his wife, while also noticing that warplanes flying towards the island signal an impending disaster. Despite their efforts, they are unable to persuade Steven to let go of his wife's body. However, Anna informs David that there is a war helicopter on the island, offering them a chance to escape. Together, Anna and David manage to flee the island in the helicopter flown by David, witnessing the destruction caused by nuclear bombs.

In a laboratory, Abraham keeps his sons, Sean and Harry, captive and connected to a DNA decoding machine. Harold and Hellen have infiltrated the Fortress disguised as soldiers and are monitoring the situation through surveillance screens at the dock. They allow Anna and David to enter. Chaos erupts as David, Anna, Harold, and Hellen release all the prisoners, triggering a full-scale war between Homo logikus and Homo sapiens within the facility.


As Abraham realizes what is happening, he decides to escape the Fortress with Sean and Harry in a helicopter. On the helipad, Anna pleads for her children's lives, but Abraham coldly asserts that they hold the key to finding a cure for this unnatural state. Just as the helicopter begins to take off, Harry selflessly pulls Sean out, saving his life but causing the aircraft to malfunction and crash into a stone wall, resulting in a fatal explosion that kills Abraham and Harry. The truth about Abraham's actions finally comes to light, shocking society to discover that he had assumed the identity of the supposed leader of the Homo Logika rebellion, which aimed to eliminate Homo sapiens. Global leaders come together at the United Nations, where Harold, Anna, and Sean Reese step forward as advocates for peace, bridging the divide between Homo sapiens and Homo logikus.


ABRAHAM REESE (55 years old)Homo sapiens and one of the greatest geneticists of his time. He holds a prominent position as the leader and commanding general of the stronghold. His main goal is to find a cure for the Homo logikus gene, even if it means sacrificing the lives of his identical twin children, whom he had with his wife, Anna Reese. He devises a strategy where he presents himself as an obscure leader of a Homo logikus rebellion, with his sons Sean and Harry acting as the leading revolutionaries. Their objective is to exterminate all Homo sapiens on Earth.

ANNA REESE (45 years old) Homo sapiens and a psychiatrist. She is the mother of Sean and Harry Reese, who are identical twins. Anna is a fighter, willing to do whatever it takes to protect her children. She flees with them to the resistance island, under the command of Steven Michael. Anna's main objective is to prevent her husband and the twins' father, Abraham Reese, from using their kids in a scientific experiment to find a cure for the Homo logikus gene, which ultimately results in their deaths.

SEAN REESE (25 years old)Homo logikus. Twenty-five years old. Harry Reese's identical twin acts all the time through logic and passivity in resolving conflicts. He tried many times to prove to his father that he was not a freak. He is hiding on the island along with his mother, Ana, who fears for the safety of her children, both hunted by her husband Abraham Reese.


HARRY REESE (25 years old) Homo sapiens. Twenty-five years old. Sean Reese's identical twin possesses the genetic answer that his father desperately seeks to cure the Homo logikus. Harry, being impatient and impulsive, ends up causing an accident that leads to the capture of himself and Sean by their father, Abraham Reese. Antonella Michael provokes an ambush, resulting in Harry's death. He died to save his brother Sean. This accident ends in the explosion of a helicopter in the Fortress.


JULIUS HASSAM (57 years old) Homo logikus. Fifty-seven years old, gray hair, charming, successful. Famous and talented in virtual business, mainly Artificial Intelligence. Julius believes he can navigate through the crisis successfully. Due to his fame, popularity, and comfortable lifestyle, he can live peacefully within society. He is the creator and responsible for the island's security, where the Homo logikus rebellion is based. Julius has designed a system that makes the island untraceable. However, he becomes a target of Abraham Reese's anger as Abraham seeks to gain access to the password that would make the island visible to satellites.


HAROLD SMITH (47 years old) –  Homo logikus. He is known for being kind, humble, prudent, and quick-thinking. Harold is married to a Homo sapiens named Hellen. Despite their differences, they love each other unconditionally and complement each other. Harold admires Hellen for her ability to cry while watching movies. When he discovers a video made by Abraham Reese, who pretends to be a leader of a Homo logikus revolt that will destroy Homo sapiens, Harold seeks out Julius Hassam to prevent a potential war. However, his efforts are discredited by the multimillionaire businessman.


HELLEN SMITH (35 years)Homo sapiens. She experiences panic attacks due to a childhood trauma. Hellen is a loving, simple person who is a fan of intelligent TV characters. Despite being a Homo sapiens, she is extremely intelligent and complements Harold in many ways. After learning about the invasion of the Fortress and the rescue of two individuals, Hellen suspects that it may be a plan to discover the island's location. However, Julius, in his arrogance, dismisses this possibility.


STEVEN MICHAEL (57 years) Homo logikus. He is mysterious, leaving the public in constant doubt about his true nature. He is serious, reserved, and individualistic. Steven's wife is kidnapped and held hostage in the Fortress. He devises a plan to rescue her but ends up saving her cellmate, David Miller, as well. The cold treatment he receives from Antonella, since his arrival on the island, makes him suspicious that his wife and David had an affair while in prison.


ANTONELLA MICHAEL (32 years) –  Homo logikus. Steven Michael's wife. She is imprisoned in the Fortress alongside her cellmate, David Miller. David witnesses a change in Antonella's mental state every time she is taken away and sent back to prison. Abraham Reese, who brainwashes Antonella, promises to cure her Homo logikus gene and convinces her to take a tracker to the island where his wife and twin children are hiding.


DAVID MILLER (28 years old)Homo logikus. He was an army fighter and helicopter pilot until he was captured and imprisoned in the Fortress. While in prison, he becomes Antonella Michael's cellmate and notices the changes in her mental state. With Steven Michael's plan, David manages to escape the Fortress and inadvertently rescues Antonella's cellmate. Steven's hostility towards David stems from the belief that David and Antonella had an affair in prison, while Antonella sees David as a potential threat to her plan when she discovers the tracker he left on the island.


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