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STORY BY Daniel Figueiredo

Breaking the Chains of Legacy:
A man’s tale of sacrifice and justice.


LOGLINE: After discovering that his family's financial success resulted from a corrupt relationship with Brazilian politicians and authorities, Matheus is profoundly shocked. He grapples with accepting the situation, while a growing sense of indignation and a desire for justice take root within him.

TYPE: Feature Film  

GENRE: Drama / Action

DURATION: 110 Minutes

TARGET AUDIENCE: Young Adults / Adults





Matheus resides in a world of affluence, revelry, and the company of women. His father has never allowed for scarcity in his life. This existence unfolds in the United States until the necessity arises for him to return to Brazil. In Brazil, he undergoes a stark reality check as he assists his father in their business endeavors, immersing himself in a new, corrupted world. He becomes acutely aware of the pervasive corruption all around him. This marks the clash between two worlds: his tranquil life in America and the Brazilian corruption, between his moral values and the disillusionment resulting from the revelation of his family's fortune's origins. Amidst this conflict, Matheus must grapple with coercion, threats, persecution, and a burning thirst for justice.


Matheus is an only child in a Brazilian family that owns several companies. He studies in the USA and lives a carefree life with his friend Jeff. However, everything changes when Matheus meets an American girl who starts to bring some sense into his head. Until then, his life had been all about college parties, festivities, and irresponsible pranks, as a reckless young person seeking fun.


Matheus can barely speak Portuguese due to studying abroad from a young age. He avoids speaking it because he's afraid of making embarrassing mistakes.


When his father, Mr. Alfredo, the owner of a conglomerate of companies, is diagnosed with cancer, Matheus is forced to return to Brazil and take over the family business. As he dives into the business, Matheus becomes disillusioned, realizing that his family's fortune was acquired through political deals, bribes, and illegal activities. He feels stunned and guilty for being part of this dirty game.


His admiration for his father crumbles, and he starts feeling ashamed of him. At home, Mr. Alfredo, bedridden, tries to explain to his son that corruption is a prevalent aspect of life in Brazil. Matheus needs to get used to it and understand that the world is cruel, everyone tries to get an advantage, and it's every man for himself. During an argument, Mr. Alfredo has a heart attack and dies on the way to the hospital.


Matheus's mother, Mrs. Guilhermina, had always lived oblivious to everything, pretending she didn't know how things were done. This kept her marriage with Mr. Alfredo peaceful for many years.


Matheus starts refusing to follow in his father's footsteps, refusing to buy off politicians and officials with gifts and bribes. The companies consequently start losing bids, and government auditors begin investigating them, finding irregularities even where nothing was wrong, as retaliation for not receiving bribes.


By this time, Matheus is already married to the American girlfriend and has a teenage daughter, Jennifer. He often feels pressured to conduct business the way hi s father did, but his character prevents him from doing so. Moreover, he lacks the diplomatic "talent" his father had to deal with these powerful sharks.


One by one, the companies begin to go bankrupt, and Matheus feels the weight on his shoulders. This makes him an unpleasant, depressed, and temperamental person, leading him to mistreat his wife and daughter almost every day. He starts drinking and even using drugs. In one of the many arguments, his wife leaves home, taking their daughter, and asks for a divorce.


Meanwhile, Matheus's mother marries another millionaire and practically forgets about him, adding to his disappointment.


Matheus reaches rock bottom until he sells what's left of his vast assets and accepts Jeff's invitation to return to the United States and live in his friend's garage. Matheus tries to survive by taking jobs, such as working at McDonald's. The absence of his wife and daughter distresses him even more.


When someone asks about Brazil or compliments the country, he can't control himself and gets into arguments, losing control completely. Matheus knows of Brazil's incredible potential and is tormented by the idea that the country struggles with so many social issues.


He decides to return to Brazil and restart one of his father's businesses, using the money left from selling the family's assets. Now, he fully engages in the game, paying bribes, making deals, and playing by his father's rules. Consequently, his company quickly grows.


What nobody knows is that this was part of Matheus's plan for revenge. Outraged by the country's situation, he wanted to combat the injustice he saw. With each bribe and deal, he gathers evidence, images, photos, and documents that could incriminate those involved. His plan was devised in collaboration with the FBI, which had an interest in dismantling that group, as they had previously committed illegal acts on American soil.


Finally, he manages to incriminate the people involved in the scheme. After the success of his plan, he returns to the USA to live a peaceful life as a middle-class worker, with a sense of duty fulfilled.



MATHEUS RUSSEAU He is a young man, the son of a successful entrepreneur. His family's wealth has afforded him a comfortable and carefree life. He resides in the United States, where he is pursuing his college education, and his existence primarily revolves around social gatherings, revelries, and leisure activities. He spends his father's money without considering its origin.


ARTHUR RUSSEAU is a highly successful multi-entrepreneur. Over decades, he has diligently built his fortune through hard work and unwavering dedication, all in pursuit of providing comfort and security for his family. He does not condone corruption, but he finds himself compelled not to navigate this realm as a means of ensuring the survival of his enterprises. Failing to comply with the demands of corrupt officials could result in retaliatory measures, including the potential cancellation of his business.


EVA RUSSEAU hailed from a humble background. Upon marrying Arthur, she transitioned into a life of luxury and comfort. She never found the need to pursue employment and reveled in the privileges of being the wife of a successful man. She was always impeccably attired, with refined tastes to match.


JEFF is Matheus's dearest friend. He stands by his side in every aspect of life, whether it be their academic pursuits or the realm of celebrations and revelries. Jeff is a steadfast companion who consistently supports Matheus. He harbors a genuine fondness for Matheus and is always there to lend a helping hand in times of adversity, even extending an invitation for Matheus to reside in his home while rebuilding his life.


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