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STORY BY Daniel Figueiredo



Caught in a web of danger, a cage becomes their only sanctuary.

LOGLINE: A couple locked in a bunker to survive a gang of criminals grapples with fear, despair, shortages, and their demons.

TYPE: Feature Film  

GENRE: Suspense

DURATION: 110 Minutes





John is a young man addicted to drugs. He owes money to drug dealers. Stephany is a young woman with a tendency to be attracted to “bad boys.” She meets John on a life-changing day and is instantly drawn to him.


John and Stephany are in the car, getting together in a remote location near a road, when suddenly they are approached by two drug dealers who are after John to collect a debt. The two are aggressive, and John knows it won't be just a conversation. He quickly starts his car and accelerates away on the road. The two are in pursuit. To try to shake them off, John takes a side road, a dirt road through the forest, but this road is a dead-end. He gets out of the car and follows a trail through the woods, eventually finding a house in a very isolated location.

The two criminals realize the couple is cornered and decide not to give in. The couple is trapped there and goes through an endless period of terror and agony, watching their supplies run out in panic. The couple goes through a period of discord, arguing and blaming each other for being in this situation, fighting over food, and experiencing periods of despair bordering on delirium, followed by a period of fear, isolation, and going through various emotional phases. At sporadic moments, passion momentarily overtakes them again.

John is shot in his leg. They enter the seemingly abandoned house and see the two criminals approaching quickly. The couple starts grabbing some furniture from the living room to block the door while seeing their pursuers attempting to break in. The house has glass windows. The two criminals soon notice and move to break the windows and enter the house. Cornered, the couple runs to the back of the house, trying to find an escape route. Stephany discovers the entrance to a bunker with a fortified steel door. With the two thugs already inside the house, they decide to enter the bunker and lock themselves in until they have a chance to escape.


Inside the bunker, they hear the two individuals yelling, making threats, and forcefully pounding on the door. From the moment they enter the bunker, a countdown begins, indicating the remaining oxygen, signaling that their time there is limited. John is bleeding, in pain and he needs medical assistance. They explore the bunker and find some food.

During this time, they end up exploring the small bunker out of curiosity and discover fragments of the history of the family that lived in that house and built the bunker. These fragments, like mysterious numbers may be clues to help them find an exit. Oxygen is running out, food has already run out, the couple is weak, and they consider opening the door when they hear the two trying to open the door with gunshots.


Desolate, they lose strength and seem to give up, unable to stand. While one thug watches the bunker entrance, the other decides to go to the city to get dynamite to blow up the bunker. The situation is about to reach its limit.



John a hustler addicted to drugs and living off petty thefts, is always in debt and never far from trouble; he's a man without a past or a future. Stephany comes from a poor, broken family. She has no friends and is the kind of person who, when she disappears, no one notices her absence. She is attracted to vagabonds and delinquents.


Stephany comes from a poor, broken family. She has no friends and is the kind of person who, when she disappears, no one notices her absence. She is attracted to vagabonds and delinquents.


Jay is a henchman for one of the local drug lords. Loyal to their boss and devoid of any compassion, he won't hesitate to eliminate anyone who poses a threat to them or their gang of criminals.


Kale also a henchman of the local drug lord. He is Jay’s partner and he will help Jay to pursuit John and will do anything to get paid by him, even if it costs his life.



Story by XpandFilms. All rights reserved.

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