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Exploring Romance

in a Cultural Haven




A couple decides to visit the hometowns of their respective families. They become enchanted by the city but end up entangled in a series of conflicts.

TYPE: Feature Film  

GENRE: Comedy / Drama / Romance

DURATION: 110 Minutes

TARGET AUDIENCE: General Audiences


LANGUAGE: English / Portuguese




Ron Moore and Jully Campbell first met in the United States and fell in love. One day, while discussing their origins, they discovered that their families came from Brazil, originating from the same city. The couple became curious about this small town and uncovered many interesting facts about its history, such as its pioneering role in cinema history. Motivated to embark on an adventure, they decided to travel to Brazil and visit the town of Cataguases.


Upon arrival, they discovered the captivating atmosphere of the city and felt welcomed by the citizens. The couple heard there that their families had always been connected.  They belonged to families that had hated each other for generations.


There will be romance, love and family conflicts, thrilling adventures, and a touch of humor.




They first met at a coffee shop in the city where they lived. After a long talk, they discovered their similarities and fell in love. In that same place, that lovely couple had a conversation where they decided to embark on their trip to Brazil.


Upon arriving in the city of Cataguases, Ron and Jully strolled through the tourist spots, guided by their tour guide. They learned about the city's history and embarked on various adventures, visiting churches, museums, waterfalls, and other memorable locations.


THE CAMPBELL  HOUSE (Campos)  The Campos family is another respected and traditional family in the city, known for their significant contributions to its history and culture. They are highly admired for their well-located mansion, which stands across from the Moore mansion, competing in terms of beauty and luxury.

THE MOORE HOUSE (Moura) The Moura family is traditional in the city and resides in a fancy old house on the main street. They are known for illustrious figures in politics, art, and culture. They are friends with everyone except the Campos family.


Ron and Jully lived in Los Angeles, where they met. Since their first encounter, they had a strong connection and found genuine feelings towards one another. During their conversations, they discovered that their families both originated from the small town of Cataguases in Brazil.


They were surprised and curious about this revelation. They began researching the city and uncovered some interesting facts. The small town was once a cultural center and the birthplace of cinema. Since Ron and Jully worked in the film industry, this sparked their curiosity even more, and they decided to embark on a trip to explore Cataguases.


After making all the arrangements, they set off on a guided trip with the friendly guide, Maria. They visited museums, and historical buildings and explored the city's nature. They felt captivated by their experiences, although they encountered some romantic crises, jealousy issues, and a few adventurous situations during the trip. For instance, Ron had an accident at a waterfall and met a beautiful woman who caused trouble in his relationship with Jully, among other situations.


For the couple, it was crucial to learn about their family history. They delved into their genealogy to find possible relatives in the city and were eager to meet them. Upon arriving in Cataguases, they discovered that their families were both highly traditional. They went to meet their relatives, who received them warmly. They met Arthur, Olivia, David, Isabella, and other family members. However, as they listened to the tales, they realized that the Moura and Campos families had a long-standing historical rivalry. Learning about this competition made both families uncomfortable, and they brought Ron and Jully into their predicament. 

Eventually, the couple discovered that their great-grandfathers were passionate about cinema. At the beginning of the previous century, they worked as assistants to filmmaker Humberto Mauro. Due to their ambition and drive to excel, they became extremely competitive and had numerous disagreements. Humberto Mauro eventually distanced himself from both individuals as their constant disputes disrupted his work. They grew frustrated being disconnected from their beloved profession. This situation sparked a rivalry between them. Unable to pursue their filmmaking careers in Brazil, they decided to try their luck in Hollywood, leaving their families and losing contact with them. Given the communication challenges of the time, the disappearance of the two great-grandfathers was heart-wrenching for their families, who blamed each other for the unfortunate circumstances.

After many trips and misunderstandings, the time to return has come. They packed their bags, said their goodbyes, and got into the car to head back to the United States. As they drove away from the town, their hearts felt heavy. They realized their lives were not the same after everything they had experienced. America was no longer their home, so they stopped the car and decided to return and live in Cataguases.


Note: We can write jokes about language differences, complicated words, double-meaning words, etc. It's always amusing when someone starts learning to speak another language.



Ron Moore is nearing his 30s and lives in California, where he is pursuing a career in the film industry. He shares a deep love with his wife, Jully. Ron is a responsible, family-oriented guy who always maintains a  friendly disposition toward everyone. However, his wife sometimes becomes jealous when she interprets his excessively friendly nature as flirting.


Jully Campbell lives in California, where she first met Ron. She is jealous, suspicious, insecure, and sometimes even a bit neurotic. Jully knows she needs to balance these impulses in order to live in harmony with Ron, as her love for him is genuine and worth the effort.



Maria is the tour guide who will lead Ron and Jully through the city. She is very communicative and shares relevant information and historical facts about each location they visit in Cataguases. Maria particularly engages with Ron, as he is always helpful and kind. This dynamic might unintentionally make Jully feel envious, but in the end, they all realize it was a misunderstanding, and Maria reveals that she identifies as a lesbian.


Sophia is a friend of the Moore family and frequently visits their home, often for coffee or a chat. Ron eventually develops a crush on Sophia. Ron gets confused between his feelings about Sophia and his love for his wife, Jully Campbell. This situation gets more complicated when Ron has an accident at the waterfall, and Sophia starts helping him while he is lying in bed, recovering. In the end, Ron will choose Jully, because they share a genuine love for each other.


Arthur e Olívia Moura (Moore)  are the patriarchs of the Moore family. They live in an elegant house on the main street. Their four children are all married, and living successful lives, but they frequently visit their parents. They welcome Ron very well and eagerly share details about the family’s history, including their rivalry with the Campos (also known as the Campbell) family. The house is always full of people, including their children and grandchildren, especially during the afternoon when they gather for a coffee. Their mood is always good, except when the subject is the Campos family, which makes Arthur Moura particularly grouchy.


David e Isabella Campos are the best-known couple in the Campos family and also have four children, all grown up and living abroad. They live in a noble mansion also on the main street, right across from Arthur and Olivia’s house. Furthermore, they feed a long enmity with Arthur and Olivia. David always peeks through the gate or window to observe what his rivals are doing. Sometimes, when he decides to go out to buy a newspaper and sees Arthur, he turns around and goes back home whining to avoid facing the neighbors.


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