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STORY BY Daniel Figueiredo






LOGLINE: In a world where love knows no limits, an obsessive woman will stop at nothing to make the object of her affection reciprocate, even if it means crossing the darkest lines.

TYPE: Feature Film  

GENRE: Drama / Thriller

DURATION: 110 Minutes





Ellie is a successful young woman, a digital security expert, leading a comfortable life servicing businesses and delivering lectures. She is a shy person who feels uncomfortable in the company of others. In her lonely routine, she feels hollow until she develops a deep passion for Madison. Upon encountering her beloved, she becomes utterly consumed by the thoughts of Madison. Her love transforms into an obsession, but it remains unrequited, and Ellie must endure considerable pain and suffering in her quest to win Madison's heart.


Ellie is a young woman who stands out in her professional field as an expert in digital security. She leads a comfortable yet solitary life, providing services to companies and delivering conferences. During a meeting with a new client at a restaurant, she crosses paths with Madison. After a brief interaction, Ellie is captivated by Madison's charisma and self-assuredness, though Madison remains indifferent towards Ellie.


As Ellie endeavors to get closer, Madison makes it clear she has no interest in a relationship with Ellie. Ellie's life begins to spiral into chaos. The emptiness she feels due to rejection tortures her, fueling a growing obsession to win over her beloved. While Ellie struggles to cope, resorting to medication, alcohol, and therapy, she devises a plan to pursue her goal. Ellie manages to lure Madison to a remote location under the pretense of receiving an award, only for Madison to realize that Ellie is her sole company. Madison fears for her life, but Ellie seeks only a chance to convince her of her genuine love.

Ellie exhibits traits of neurosis and an unhealthy obsession with Madison. Although she often presents herself as a troubled individual, she isn't capable of inflicting harm on anyone. Her actions and emotional instability raise suspicion, but Ellie persistently demonstrates a non-violent nature, driven by her desire to convey her love for Madison. Madison, on the other hand, although not afflicted by any psychological disorder, consistently displays hostility toward those around her. She is a destructive individual who nurtures contempt and enmity among those around her.


Throughout Ellie's quest for acceptance, a question emerges: Who is truly the antagonist in this narrative? Is it someone who struggles to set boundaries to control their passion, or is it someone who, in reality, becomes a perpetrator of persecution, ultimately victimizing others?


Ellie is tormented by her emotional state, trying desperately to control her desires, becoming her own hostage. Ellie eventually succumbs, and it is only then that the depth of her struggle is understood. All she yearned for was reciprocal love.



Ellie Mae Watson is a hardworking young woman who lives a lonely life. She is shy, and her neighbors see her as a weirdo. Her intense emotions often overpower her. When she encounters her deepest passion, she finds it challenging to control her impulses. Ellie becomes virtually enslaved by these feelings and must seek a solution to live out her perfect yet unreciprocated love.


Madison Taylor is a stunning woman, the heiress to a substantial fortune. Her life revolves around travel, parties, and luxury. Those employed at her mansion, as well as those around her, often bear the brunt of her mistreatment. In Madison's perspective, everyone's sole purpose is to cater to her needs. Her lack of empathy makes it remarkably challenging for her to form deep emotional connections with others. She has not only cheated on her husband but also ripped him off. Madison seizes every opportunity to exploit men and acquire more money for her extravagant lifestyle.



Story by XpandFilms. All rights reserved.

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