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STORY BY: Daniel Figueiredo


Jacob spent his life being a bully and selfish, taking advantage of those around him. Suddenly, his life took an unexpected turn, and he now embarks on a profound journey towards redemption.

TYPE: Feature Film  

GENRE: Drama / Fiction

DURATION: 110 Minutes

TARGET AUDIENCE: Young Adults / Adults


PRODUCERS: Daniel Figueiredo / Carolina Brasil / Anselmo Martini PRODUCTION COMPANY: Stone Horus Media and XpandFilms 



Since childhood, Jacob has been selfish and shows a lack of concern for others. He was capable of deceiving anyone to gain an advantage. He became a disloyal and empathy-lacking entrepreneur, resorting to scams to succeed in business.

His life was going well, but he experienced an unforeseen situation that made him rethink his life choices.  This raises the question: is it genuinely possible for someone to transform themselves? Or would it just be another deceitful ploy or a valid path to redemption?



THE SCHOOL In his early years, Jacob was a bully who would mistreat his schoolmates, and it was there that he met some people who would become part of his life again in the future.

THE PRISON In prison, Jacob lives a life of suffering, violence, and pain. But it’s also where he learns his most valuable lesson.

THE STREETS Jacob ended up living in the streets, alone and broke, begging for survival.


Jacob Smith is the main character, He is a highly selfish individual. Throughout his life, he has been involved in scams, deceiving people to achieve his goals. In his childhood, in Lincoln, Massachusetts, he used to intimidate all the children in his school. He moved to New York and became a successful entrepreneur conducting business overseas, but he had to pay the price for getting so far.

Meg Smith is a dedicated woman who loves her family and has unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. She is deeply religious and practices daily through prayers and Bible reading. Meg is generous and seeks to assist others, helping the less fortunate. She is a loving mother who cares about her son, Jacob.

Madeline Bailey  is the woman whom Jacob falls in love with as an adult. In her adolescence, she was considered an unattractive girl. She was skinny, with braces, wore thick glasses, had dry red hair, and had freckles on her face. Due to her family's economic condition, her clothes were cheap and second-hand. Like her classmates, she also became the target of Jacob's cruel teasing.

Joseph Taylor was mistakenly arrested after being the victim of a scam orchestrated by Jacob, to seize control of his company. Consequently, Joseph suffered a complete loss of all his assets.

Sean Evans became Joseph’s friend and helped him find his way to redemption.

Robert  ended up depressed and into drugs, haunted by the ghosts of his past at school with Jacob.

Emily lost her parents, hit by a runaway car. Jacob was investigated and almost arrested for drunk driving that night. Due to his connections and money, he established an alibi, proving he was in a different location from the accident. (The story will continue with her searching for him, knowing he was the one who killed her parents. Jacob did everything he could to destroy the reputation of the hysterical girl who was often at his office demanding justice.)

Lucy  is Jacob's former girlfriend. She got betrayed, used, and humiliated. It used to be the opening phrase she used in every therapy session.

Sophia  was an exploited worker in one of Jacob's companies. She lost the stocks she owned and remained unemployed for a long time until she managed to get back on her feet by selling popcorn. She lost her money and reputation. After being involved in a scandal by Jacob, no company was willing to hire her.

Other Characters: Benjamin, Oliver, Thomas, Claire, Mary.



Since childhood, Jacob Smith has been abusive to his classmates. His actions have resulted in lasting trauma for many of his friends. As an adult, he continued to be the same selfish person. He started his career as a businessman, committing a series of scams. He reached fame and fortune, always playing dirty and fooling whoever was in his way. His only concern was attaining the highest position possible, often leading to arrests and devastating consequences for others. Many individuals suffered from ruined reputations and financial ruin due to his actions. Regardless of the location, Smith exerted control over those around him, skillfully manipulating people and establishing himself as a ruling force.

Everything was going well in his life. He was powerful and untouchable. However, on a Tuesday afternoon, his life took a turn. He was diagnosed with cancer and had only a few months to live. Upon noticing the doctor's condescending expression, he felt angry for receiving someone's pity. He believed he had the power to accomplish anything he wanted and didn't want to succumb to a foolish disease like a fragile child.

Shortly after leaving the office, Jacob decided to enjoy every second of life as much as possible. He left his companies under the control of his closest friends and most trusted employees to take a vacation and travel worldwide. Jacob refused to accept his condition. Furthermore, he had everything he wanted: power, people, red carpets, fame, money, and women. For the next few months, his life was all about parties, luxury, and spending loads of money. He was out of control and quickly went broke. It didn't take long for the news that he had only a few months to live to reach the ears of everyone. His employees, partners, and friends embraced the opportunity to strike against Jacob Smith.

Jacob was now desperate. He realized how painful it was to be betrayed and left alone after working so hard to achieve his fortune. His life was falling apart. He got involved with drugs and ended up living on the street, suffering from hunger and humiliation. He felt like everything was over. One day, while eating donated soup on a dead-end road where a Christian institution used to help the poor, Jacob was arrested and beaten in prison several times. The prison sheltered him, but the living conditions were worse than sharing the streets with rats. After being spanked and abused many times, Jacob prayed to God to end his life. He used to think of God as an executor of believers.

But the God that Jacob ignored his entire life didn't seem to ignore him. People started visiting the prisoners frequently, showing them affection and offering words of faith. They touched the heart of that devastated man. Jacob felt a spark of hope growing in his heart. He would die soon, but he no longer felt alone.

On a Sunday morning, while listening to the preaching of a young prison visitor, Jacob accepted Jesus, and from that moment, his life seemed to change. A few weeks later, he was released, and the charges against him were dropped. Jacob felt like he was getting a new chance at life. He began to reflect on his past actions and experienced feelings of shame. He decided to spend the remaining time he had left locating individuals from his past and seeking their forgiveness. Furthermore, he compiled a list of the people he needed to approach and apologize to.

At that moment, all his complications seemed to disappear like a miracle. He felt cured of his cancer. One of his new friends helped him along his journey and told him this healing was a gift from God. Jacob felt great about his new life. He started preaching in prisons, churches, and anywhere he could. He started working to get his life back and decided to seek out the people he cheated to ask for forgiveness, as a servant of the Lord who had been saved and healed.

His mission wouldn't be easy. Most people didn't believe him. He had many doors slammed in his face before he could even say a few words about being a new man.

One of the people he wronged was Madeline Bailey. Surprisingly, the "ugly" girl from his childhood had become one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. She was working as a psychologist, and her radiant beauty brought peace to his heart. It was like looking up at the blue sky on a sunny Saturday afternoon while listening to a bird singing. They talked for hours, and he explained everything about the old Jacob and how he felt about it. To the delight of his soul, Madeline was one of the few who truly forgave him. She was the first one.

He returned to his hometown, Lincoln, Massachusetts, to begin therapy treatment with his new friend, Madeline. After several appointments, he realized he was falling in love with her. But as he became a better man, he didn't think it would be correct to tell her. It would put her marriage at risk. She was a respectable person, married with three kids. Jacob felt an internal conflict, holding back his desire to tell her about his feelings and fight for her. Revealing the truth would bring turmoil to her life.

He loved her more than anything, so he found solace in knowing that she was happy. He decided to continue on his mission to help homeless people find salvation, embracing the teachings of Jesus.

After some time, Jacob's cancer returned, and he accepted it as a part of his life. He was unwell, but he had peace of mind. He continued to help people overcome their addiction to drugs and reclaim their lives.

During his last moments, he lay on a bed with Madeline by his side. They talked and laughed for hours. Jacob noticed a particular expression on her face and asked her what was going on. She revealed that he was her teenage crush and that she was happy to hold the hand of the boy she had once loved. She had loved him all her life. Jacob became emotional and confessed that he too was in love with her. He explained that he hadn't wanted to tell her anything, as he genuinely cared about her and the family she had built. He didn't want to cause any harm to her, her husband, or her children.

Both of them were overcome with emotions. Jacob felt loved and understood the true meaning of life; forgiveness, love, and hope. And he passed away peacefully.








Daniel Figueiredo is a renowned music producer and entrepreneur, recognized as one of Brazil's most accomplished music score composers. He has composed music scores for over 20 TV series, which have been broadcast in more than 150 countries, in addition to numerous films. Notable among his achievements are the successful soundtracks for telenovelas such as “The Mutants: Pathways of the Heart,” “Opposite Lives,” “The Law and The Crime,” “Joseph from Egypt,” “The Promised Land,” and the phenomenal success “Moses and the Ten Commandments.”

Carolina Brasil was born in Rio de Janeiro and graduated from the University of Miami in 2007. In that same year, she founded a clothing company. As a promising new designer, she was invited to showcase her brand on the runway at Nolcha NY Fashion Week, where she garnered attention as a rising star in the fashion industry. Since then, her brand has gained recognition in the United States for its innovative collections.

Anselmo Martini is a Brazilian-American producer, director, and experienced attorney who has worked in prominent law firms in Brazil, New York, and Los Angeles. With a wealth of knowledge in law, international affairs, and business, Martini has established his expertise in these fields. He has also been affiliated with the prestigious advertising group, WPP Group, located on Madison Avenue. In Los Angeles, Martini founded the Monarca Group and co-founded Stone Horus Media, while in Brazil, he established Monarca Filmes.

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