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If Santa Claus really exists,
then he could fall into a trap.

SCREENPLAY BY Sebastian Pigott

LOGLINE: After an argument with his parents, young Nicholas decides to prove that Santa Claus exists. To prove his point, he builds a trap for Santa Claus.

TYPE: Feature Film  

GENRE: Fantasy / Family

DURATION: 110 Minutes

TARGET AUDIENCE: General Audiences



Following the example of his father, George, Nicholas works on a new invention, with the help of his best friends, Mr. Barnacle, the octopus, the Old Blackboard, and his thinking cap. Nicholas tries to turn his father's drone into a Santa Claus helper when his furious father scolds him and decides to reveal that Santa Claus doesn't exist.


Upset with the revelation, Nicholas doesn't give up. Along with his friends, he decides to build a trap to capture Santa Claus and prove his father wrong. The trap ends up capturing a fake Santa Claus. Leon is a thief and had broken into the house for a robbery when he found himself caught in the trap. The thief pretends to be the real Santa Claus to deceive the boy and complete his robbery. Everything seems lost, and only a Christmas miracle can get Nicholas out of this predicament.


HALL OF NICHOLA’S HOUSE In the hall of Nicholas' house, there’s a fireplace with a chimney. Right beside it is a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The hall is right next to the house entrance door and it’s where Nicholas sets his trap.

NICHOLA’S BEDROOM  A typical boy’s bedroom, with toys and a little mess. It’s also where Nicholas has his ideas with the support of his best friends, Mr. Barnacle, The Thinking Cap, and The Old Drawing Board.

THE RESTAURANT On Christmas Eve, Nichola’s parents decide to go out for dinner, and his adventure will happen in their house as they are there.


Nicholas is a creative boy who enjoys making small inventions, following in his father's footsteps. To help Santa Claus, he decides to create an assistant, using one of his father's drones to help Santa carry his gift sack. However, Nicholas's father, irritated by his son’s childish ideas, reveals that Santa Claus does not exist. Upset and unwilling to accept the news, Nicholas confides in his friends: Mr. Barnacles, Thinking Cap, and Old Drawing Board, and comes up with the idea of creating a trap to catch Santa Claus. He plans to prove to everyone that Santa Claus is real. Using some of his old toys, Nicholas sets up the trap near the fireplace and Christmas tree in the living room. To his surprise, the trap successfully captures a man dressed as Santa Claus, who turns out to be a thief named Leon attempting to rob the house.

Upon extensive questioning, Leon pretends to be Santa Claus until he can finish the job and escape. Nicholas ends up trapped in his own invention, witnessing his house being robbed, and feeling devastated. Just when all seems lost, the real Santa Claus descends the chimney at midnight. He sees Nicholas and frees the boy from the trap. After learning about the situation, Santa Claus decides to reward Nicholas with a glamorous sleigh ride and a visit to the North Pole, finally putting an end to the boy's doubts. There, Nicholas visits his factory and sees the elves. Back at his house, with his plan successfully executed, Nicholas now faces another problem: how to retrieve his father's stolen invention.



Nicholas 10 years old, is a boy with a great imagination. He is always coming up with ideas for inventions and contraptions. Along with his imaginary friends, he believes in Santa and wants to capture him just to prove his existence.


 Rose also known as Rosebud, is Nicholas’ mother. Rose is a loving and attentive mother to Nicholas. She worries about her son always living in the world of imagination but does not find it a good idea to hurt his feelings.



Leon is a thief working for the "Big Evil Corporation, Incorporated." He feels undervalued in the company and wants to do a big job to prove his worth. Our hero Nicholas's house will be Leon's next target, as he intends to make a major heist and become the top rooster in his work.


George is Nicholas's father. He is a talented engineer who develops innovative products. When he was young, George became frustrated, and that ended up hardening his heart. He believes that his son needs to be grounded to avoid getting carried away and experiencing disappointments like the ones he went through himself. Despite being serious and focused on work, George is a source of admiration and inspiration for his son.


Old Drawing Board Also known as O.D.B, is also Nicholas' good imaginary friend. He is an old chalkboard where Nicholas can draw most of his projects.. 


Thinking Cap Nicholas’s magical hat and friend. The thinking cap is the third of his best friends. Nicholas sometimes wears it, and he is an important helper in his plans.


Mr. Barnacle is a plush octopus. He is a friend who supports all of Nicholas's ideas and always has a wise piece of advice to offer.


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