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STORY BY Daniel Figueiredo

Discover the beauty within, and embrace the beastly heart.


LOGLINE: A beautiful woman meets a fearsome beast, and an unlikely connection emerges. As they recognize the beauty that resides in each other's hearts, they begin a beautiful relationship filled with complicity and harmony.

TYPE: Feature Film  

GENRE: Thriller/Drama/Romance

DURATION: 110 Minutes

TARGET AUDIENCE: General Audiences





Charlotte Miller works as a veterinarian in a National Reserve. She engages in a rather arduous and solitary work in a silent and shadowy forest, where nature conceals some threats.


The moments she ventures into the forest can be tense, with the silence frequently interrupted by noises of unknown origin. Amidst this tension, already tired and with the night approaching, she experiences one of the most terrifying encounters of her life with a creature larger and more frightening than she could ever have imagined. Paralyzed by panic, she is unable to attack the creature, which eventually moves away.


Both Charlotte and the creature realize that they pose no threat to each other, and curiosity ends up drawing them closer together. In the meanwhile, rumors of a beast in the woods grow in the village. After the disappearance of a boy, a group of people decides to enter the forest and hunt this beast.


THE WOODS  The reserve is an immense, endless, and dense forest. The region has a rich fauna, with large animals, bears, and other beasts. The area has its local legends. The nearby residents report sightings of beasts, and the subject is often discussed in gatherings. However, these legends are not taken seriously by most people. Regardless of their existence, the wild nature of the region harbors real dangers.

THE OFFICE is located near the forest and is a simple cabin where Charlotte has her desk, her work materials, and her notes.

THE VILLAGE is where Charlotte resides, buys supplies, and occasionally interacts with the residents. The small convenience store, the tavern, and the hardware store are the places where the locals often meet and discuss daily matters in the small village where everyone knows each other.



Charlotte Miller is a veterinarian who works in a forest reserve. Her job requires her to be outdoors, venturing into the forest and interacting with nature. This work fulfills her, but she is aware of its risks. The dense forest is home to dangerous wild animals, and with each excursion, she faces potential danger. She is a lonely person, and her job is solitary. When questioned about it, she promptly avoids the subject, as she dislikes talking about it.


One day, amidst the loneliness of the forest, she contemplates the breathtaking landscape, reminiscing about the painful loss of her husband, which led to the destruction of her family. She endured great suffering, and it was through her work that she found a fresh start in life. Therefore, she relies on her work to remain strong and keep sadness at bay.


Charlotte is a young and beautiful woman, but her beauty remains hidden in her daily life, always wearing a uniform, sometimes with her feet covered in mud. However, on one occasion, she visited a local small shop to have a drink at night, dressed in her usual clothes and caught everyone's attention. Some guys exchanged glances, and one even attempted to strike up a conversation, but when it came to flirting, Charlotte swiftly interrupted any initiative. Still wounded by her past, she perceives any flirting as almost an offense to her history.

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The routine in the forest is tough. To escape the ghosts in her mind, she becomes increasingly immersed in her work, trying to ignore the noises from the woods. That forest sometimes looks creepy, especially after hearing so many reports from the villagers about strange things often happening there. On some days, she loses track of time and has to leave the forest almost at nightfall. It was on one of these darkening days that everything happened. She needed to return to her office but had ventured too far. The trail was less visible, and she struggled and grew anxious as she tried to find her way back. Suddenly, a terrifying encounter occurred. A huge, furry figure crossed her path. Terrified, she stepped back and reached for her rifle. The creature also became frightened and let out a terrifying, loud growl. Trembling in panic, she held her rifle while the creature stood in front of her, both understanding that their lives were at stake. With their eyes fixed on each other, they remained paralyzed until the rhythm of their breaths started to slow. Charlotte lowered her weapon and took a deep breath with wide-open eyes. The creature lowered its shoulders and also stood still. Charlotte lowered her head, and slowly, the creature moved away. After a few minutes of trying to control her breathing, Charlotte decided to walk as fast as she could toward her office. Her pace was almost a run. She finally arrived and went to her house, reflecting on the incident.


She went to the town, to Sam's store. A discussion ensued among some who claimed to have had sightings and others who were skeptical and mocked the situation. Old Willy joined the conversation, speaking seriously about his own experience. Willy's story coincided with what Charlotte had witnessed. However, the old man couldn't escape the mockery of some of those present.

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In the following days, Charlotte felt afraid to venture into the forest. She sought reasons to stay closer to her office. But she couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. She felt that the creature did not intend to harm her, and began to be taken over by scientific curiosity. Meanwhile, the creature grew curious and even somewhat enchanted by the beauty of the young woman. As the creature began to roam around the office area, Charlotte decided to keep an eye out and attempt contact. She came up with the idea of leaving something for the creature to eat. She left some fruits in a basket, which disappeared the next day. Furthermore, she continued doing this regularly until she managed to establish a bond.


Moreover, she and the creature began to communicate and eventually formed a fellowship, she started suspecting the beast was human. Meanwhile, in the village, a boy was missing, and a group of men were organizing a search in the woods. Ignoring Willy’s warning, a group enters the woods for a search, to face a great danger. After a while, they return with no trace of the boy. One of them was seriously wounded, attacked by some wild animal he could not recognize in the dark.

As they meet again in Sam’s store, Willy is confident that the Sasquatch is responsible for all that. One day, just as the creature had lost its fear of approaching the office area to meet Charlotte, Ron spotted it and rushed to the village to ask the sheriff for help. He gathered a group of volunteers armed to search the forest. As soon as Charlotte realized the situation, she became apprehensive, fearing for her friend's safety.


The group enters the forest to kill the beast, and Charlotte also enters the woods, trying to find her friend to help him out of that situation. As the group hunts the beast, the beast hunts them. A thrilling chase begins with men getting killed one by one. That is when Charlotte meets the beast.

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She tried to take the “beast” away. The wild woman guided Charlotte through the woods until they arrived at a hidden place with a small cave. This was the creature's dwelling. It entered the cave and retrieved some of its belongings. She gave Charlotte one of her possessions as a gift. Among these items, Charlotte identified something that made her understand: the creature was, in fact, a human. A woman. Some condition or trauma she experienced in the forest seemed to have robbed her of the ability to communicate, and the lonely life in the woods turned her into a wild and rustic being. She was tall, with hair grown untamed for years, wrapped in bearskin clothing from some bear she probably hunted and killed.


Living with Charlotte had restored some of the wild woman's humanity. She was captivated not only by Charlotte's beauty but also by her ability to see the goodness in people. Until then, no one had ever seen her and gone back to civilization. Charlotte, in turn, was drawn to the simplicity and innocence of the creature. With time, the wild woman slowly recovered her ability to communicate. She eventually shared her heartbreaking story. She had lived with her parents in a home marked by abuse and violence. Her father had been relentlessly cruel towards her and her mother until the fateful day when he locked them inside their house and set it on fire. Fleeing into the forest, she escaped the flames, but not before her body was covered in burns and her face disfigured. From a very young age, she chose to isolate herself out of fear of humanity, which, along with her trauma, gradually caused her to lose her ability to communicate. When Charlotte heard this story, she was deeply moved and began to contemplate how she could assist the young woman, perhaps by seeking treatment for her burns.



Charlotte Miller is a person who is very focused on her work. Her love for the profession has ended up making her isolated and lonely. When she finds herself thinking about it, she tries to divert her focus to her work and her love for the creatures of the forest to occupy her time and her heart. The demanding routine seems to have hardened Charlotte, but her heart still has space to find love.

Ron Taylor is Charlotte's boss. His work is administrative, and he spends most of his time in the office, taking care of the bureaucratic aspects, while Charlotte spends most of her day doing fieldwork.


The Old Willy is a town resident. He knows the area like no one else. He often talks about the tales and his personal experiences. He says he has seen evidence of the Sasquatch. No one believes him. Some people even treat him like a joke, as others consider him wise, and he is also known for his knowledge about the area.

Barney runs a small business in the village. His store is a place where most people meet and stop to make some conversation. There’s not much to do there, so people usually find some excuse to go to his store and spend some time.

Sam runs a small Inn. His place is open for breakfast and dinner. At night, people from the small village usually go there for a drink and to have some conversation. 


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