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The mysteries behind the origin of the
sounds and rhythms that make up the
magic of Brazilian music reveal the strength
of its influence on international composers
and their music around the world. 


TYPE: Feature Film
GENRE: Musical Documentary
DURATION: 120 Minutes
TARGET AUDIENCE: Young Adults / Adults
FILM LOCATION: Brazil (Principal Photography) / World (Additional Material)
LANGUAGE: English & Miscellaneous
PRODUCERS: Carolina Brasil/Anselmo Martini/Daniel Figueiredo
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Stone Horus Media and XpandFilms 


Can the mystery be the key to the riddle?

Through the streets, forests, cities, and villages flow the universal wave that maintains the diverse unity of the Brazilian people: their music. Over the centuries, the sound was born from ancestral people and their natural environment. Music from all over the world arrived here brought by immigrants, merging intensely and magnetically. Like a powerful magic that spreads in waves all over the planet, the Brazilian music is a relevant influence behind many international compositions. A mystery that will be unraveled through the eyes of a few stars of international music and Brazilian music specialists.


Starting from the existing dichotomy between creator and creature: music and composer, “Brazil, The Music Land” is an exciting journey into the regional origin of the sounds that form Brazilian musicality. Each sound born in Brazil, or brought by an immigrant, undergoes the magic of the people and the region it arrived. These sounds turned into authentic pieces of music, scattered through the air, through the squares, in the markets, between the waters that cross the country's rivers.

But what happens when this sound, this music, often created in a remote village in the most inhospitable interior of Brazil, reaches international musicians?

As in a circle of storytellers, great names in international music worldwide will dive into the magic of Brazilian music's influence on major international hits. In Brazil, great specialists will unravel the history of rhythms, sounds, instruments, music, and composers who helped to create music that influenced people from other nations. Secrets that, through compositions and composers, will show that the universal language of music will never allow the human being to stop being what he has always been: the member of a great global village united by the waves that rock his life.
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“BRAZIL, THE MUSIC LAND” is a documentary about the point of view of great foreign musicians influenced by Brazilian music. It’s about the origin of the songs and the intoxicating sounds that snatch hearts worldwide. Regionalism, ancestry, culture, tradition, folklore, mythology, history, and anthropology will be transformed into entertainment through conversations and stories about Brazilian music and its magnetic character. It's a journey of discovery, observing, and understanding the effect of the world around you and how music influence touches people from everywhere. By understanding the seductive allure of the sound of Brazilian music, we will understand why music is the great universal language.

The audience is led to reflect on the importance of cultural exchange in building a people's identity. The film flirts with fantasy and enchantment in a universe of delusions that gave birth to remarkable songs. Songs that gave meaning to our lives. By choosing sounds organized in musical compositions, we will travel through the stories of great composers, looking for answers to help us understand the transforming power of a melody.


Brazilian music is known worldwide for its seductive and magnetic power and has always been associated with joy, relaxation, and a certain frivolity. It became popular in the world, especially from the 70s onwards. With the advent of the mass music industry, Brazilian music soon became known for its influence on the work of composers worldwide. After several stops in Brazil, in the year two thousand eighteen, Paul McCartney released "Back in Brazil,” a track whose rhythm resembles Bossa Nova. Will I Am, influenced by Jorge Ben, wrote the song "Great Times"? "What To Do,” by the Brazilian singer Vanusa, inspired Black Sabbath's "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.” "Maria Moita," a song by Vinícius de Moraes performed by Carlos Lyra, released in 1964, inspired the famous riff of "Smoke on Water," by Deep Purple. As if the direct influence of successful Brazilian compositions on the work of international musicians were not enough, another aspect of this fusion of influences was the growth of partnerships between Brazilian and international artists. Besides rhythms like Samba, Congo, Bossa Nova, Forró, Frevo, and Maracatu, Brazilian music is also known abroad for the success of artists from Axé, Funk, and Sertanejo. Bossa Nova can be considered one of the first Brazilian genres to conquer a successful position on the international scene. However, the influence of artists such as Anitta and Michel Teló also captivated listeners from several countries, drawing the world’s attention to Brazilian music and its origin. It is here, revealing the origins of these songs, where great names of international music will say how Brazilian music touched their hearts and influenced their work. Based on these foreign reports, specialists and researchers in Brazilian music will dive into this subject, revealing how this musical magic happens, how these sounds are composed, how musical instruments were created, and how Brazilian music could break down the barrier of regionality.


With a parallel montage built from the point of view of great names in international music about the influence of Brazilian music in their work, “BRAZIL, THE MUSIC LAND” is, above all, fun. Built as if it were a large circle of close friends at a bar table, the film seeks the viewer's curiosity about how some songs we love were born. The objective is to immerse the spectator in the sound universe where it all began, in Brazil, through stories about some international hits, not didactically, but magically. Through curiosity, laughter, affection, and tears, “BRAZIL, THE MUSIC LAND” will take the audience into places where Brazilian music gains life. A dive into the stories that made the history of Brazilian music and made it reach further into the universal musical mind.
The filming will be in feature-length cinematographic format with two work fronts:

1 – The international part, where we will gather the stories of great names in the musical world;

2 – The Brazilian part. It will gather the stories about the origin of the sounds that influenced the work of successful international names.To achieve the objectives of the script, pre-production will have an intensive pre-research process to raise names, stories, and locations that will be aligned with the storyline to be filmed.


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The film will premiere in theaters and on digital video-on-demand platforms with a broad publicity campaign and a specialized press office.

In addition, we will have:
- Signature on movie calls and trailers (eg “Sponsor” presents);
- Relationship Marketing (Session closed for the company and its guests, before the premiere with the presence of team, crew, and media;
- Copies of the material;
- Privileged participation in the media plan;
- Expanded reach target with brand exposure in all actions derived from the product;
- Association in interviews in the media;
- Logo on the Backdrop of the press conferences with the presence of the actors and director;
'- Inserts in social networks, newspapers, magazines, radio, posters, banners, gifts, urban furniture, billboards in the main capitals, bus doors in the main capitals, aeromedia, national press advice, promotional actions, radio spots with the phrase “COMPANY PRESENTS ”.








Daniel Figueiredo is a renowned music producer and entrepreneur, recognized as one of Brazil's most accomplished music score composers. He has composed music scores for over 20 TV series, which have been broadcast in more than 150 countries, in addition to numerous films. Notable among his achievements are the successful soundtracks for telenovelas such as “The Mutants: Pathways of the Heart,” “Opposite Lives,” “The Law and The Crime,” “Joseph from Egypt,” “The Promised Land,” and the phenomenal success “Moses and the Ten Commandments.”

Carolina Brasil was born in Rio de Janeiro and graduated from the University of Miami in 2007. In that same year, she founded a clothing company. As a promising new designer, she was invited to showcase her brand on the runway at Nolcha NY Fashion Week, where she garnered attention as a rising star in the fashion industry. Since then, her brand has gained recognition in the United States for its innovative collections.

Anselmo Martini is a Brazilian-American producer, director, and experienced attorney who has worked in prominent law firms in Brazil, New York, and Los Angeles. With a wealth of knowledge in law, international affairs, and business, Martini has established his expertise in these fields. He has also been affiliated with the prestigious advertising group, WPP Group, located on Madison Avenue. In Los Angeles, Martini founded the Monarca Group and co-founded Stone Horus Media, while in Brazil, he established Monarca Filmes.

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