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CREATED BY: Daniel Figueiredo


Our host goes on a journey to find out why people laugh. A series of interviews with other comedians and scientists will tell us more about it.

TYPE: Documentary           GENRE: Family / Humor

DURATION: 35 Minutes     LANGUAGE: English 

TARGET AUDIENCE: Young Adults / Adults


PRODUCERS: Daniel Figueiredo / Carolina Brasil / Anselmo Martini

PRODUCTION COMPANY: XpandFilms / Stone Horus Media


Why do people laugh? Why is laughter important?

Each comedian has a formula of humor and a different style. The question is: how do they get to that formula?


What did science find so far about laughter?

To find out the answer to those questions, a series of interviews will bring more laughter to the audience, with a host that is an expert in making people laugh.


Reasons to laugh:

Superiority and relief

Release of repressed feelings


Benign catastrophes



The filming of the show will take place in an outdoor setting.

The host will meet comedians to hear about their experiences and ask how they create their material. The show aims to promote diversity by featuring comedians from various countries, exploring different subjects, and showcasing different styles of humor.


The host will also meet scientists to talk about their research on laughing. Anything related to laughing can be in the show, such as the history of laughter, why people laugh, etc.


The objective is to provide informative content while delivering an entertaining and enjoyable show with funny interviews, jokes, remarks, and a happy mood. Throughout the interviews, the host will incorporate jokes, and engage in playful banter on any topic.

Each show will also include travel, culture, information, and diversity.





EPISODE 1 HIstory Context + Scientists

EPISODE 2 Humor/ Comedy in The United States + Scientists + US comedians

EPISODE 3 Humor/ Comedy in UK + Scientists + UK comedians

EPISODE 4 Humor/ Comedy in France + Scientists + French comedians

EPISODE 5 Humor/ Comedy in Middle East + Scientists + Middle East comedians

EPISODE 6 Humor/ Comedy in Korea + Scientists + Korea comedians



“The Science Behind Laughter” is a captivating comedy-documentary series featuring a professional comedian as the host. This show aims to unravel the mysteries of laughter, conducting interviews with comedians and scientists. Through their insightful discussions, we embark on a quest to answer intriguing questions surrounding laughter, such as its significance, benefits, and scientific understanding behind it.


Each episode will showcase comedians from various backgrounds, each with its style of humor. This diversity will enrich the show, offering a glimpse into different cultures and regional types of humor. Our host will embark on thrilling journeys to meet these guests, adding a unique flair by highlighting the distinct humor and nuances of each location visited.


While the show is a documentary focused on presenting reliable scientific facts, it remains true to its comedic nature, ensuring that it entertains the audience. With its enjoyable atmosphere,

“The Science Behind Laughter” promises to be a fun family show.




Daniel Figueiredo is a renowned music producer and entrepreneur, recognized as one of Brazil's most accomplished music score composers. He has composed music scores for over 20 TV series, which have been broadcast in more than 150 countries, in addition to numerous films. Notable among his achievements are the successful soundtracks for telenovelas such as “The Mutants: Pathways of the Heart,” “Opposite Lives,” “The Law and The Crime,” “Joseph from Egypt,” “The Promised Land,” and the phenomenal success “Moses and the Ten Commandments.”



Carolina Brasil was born in Rio de Janeiro and graduated from the University of Miami in 2007. In that same year, she founded a clothing company. As a promising new designer, she was invited to showcase her brand on the runway at Nolcha NY Fashion Week, where she garnered attention as a rising star in the fashion industry. Since then, her brand has gained recognition in the United States for its innovative collections.



Anselmo Martini is a Brazilian-American producer, director, and experienced attorney who has worked in prominent law firms in Brazil, New York, and Los Angeles. With a wealth of knowledge in law, international affairs, and business, Martini has established his expertise in these fields. He has also been affiliated with the prestigious advertising group, WPP Group, located on Madison Avenue. In Los Angeles, Martini founded the Monarca Group and co-founded Stone Horus Media, while in Brazil, he established Monarca Filmes.

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