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STORY BY Daniel Figueiredo



TYPE: Feature Film

GENRE: Crime / Action / Suspense

DURATION: 110 Minutes



PRODUCER: Daemon Hillin

CO-PRODUCERS: Carolina Brasil, Daniel Figueiredo

DIRECTOR: Scout Taylor-Compton

SCREENPLAY: Josh Ridgway

STARRING: Mickey Rourke, Danielle Harris, Nicky Whelan, Peter Facinelli


LOGLINE: A disgraced LA cop is chosen to lead a task force against a local crime syndicate and uncovers a conspiracy of corruption in his own department.


Desmond Mitchell is the new sheriff in the town. The place is overrun by drug dealers, resulting in high murder rates. He is seeking justice after losing his son to drugs. However, most of the police force is corrupt and involved with criminals. As he gets closer to solving the crimes, he faces sabotage. The justice system itself is against him. His persistence becomes inconvenient, and he becomes the target of multiple murder attempts. He is alone in his fight, but he refuses to give up. After losing his wife and son, he has nothing left to lose.




POLICE STATION This is the main setting of the movie. Desmond has a team of officers, detectives, and colleagues to assist him in solving the cases, but he can only trust a few individuals in the station. Many people there are working for the criminals, reporting his actions and sabotaging his efforts.

STREETS Desmond often finds himself on the streets, chasing suspects and investigating locations pointed out by witnesses in search of clues. However, the town has become unsafe for him due to the Red Flag gang constantly chasing him. Desmond is unsure who he can trust anymore.

DESMOND’S APARTMENT He resides in a small apartment all by himself. Desmond is a widower without children. Unfortunately, his apartment is not a secure place as the Red Flag gang is aware of its locations and could set up an ambush at any given moment.

RESTAURANT Every morning, Desmond typically enjoys breakfast at a humble nearby restaurant. He usually has an egg sandwich and some coffee. It is at this establishment where he meets Laura, a waitress, and eventually falls in love with her.

THE RED FLAG is the name of the largest drug trafficking group in town, led by Glenn, who is famously known as “The Sting”. Glenn is highly intelligent, influential, and wealthy, with control over the local police force. That is the name of the biggest group of drug dealers in town, led by Glenn, best known as “The Sting.” The sting is intelligent, influential, and wealthy, controlling the police force.



Desmond Mitchell (Brendan Fehr)  is a sheriff who is known for being diligent in his work. He's a hard worker. However, he has experienced a personal tragedy as he tragically lost his son to drug addiction. The devastating loss took a toll on his wife as well, causing her to fall seriously ill and eventually pass away. As a result, Desmond felt completely adrift and struggled to concentrate on his duties, eventually suffering a breakdown. To shield him from further hardships, his boss decided to relocate him to a different district. Driven by the memory of his family and determined to uphold their values, Desmond decided to start anew, dedicating himself to combating drug abuse and preserving his family's legacy.


Laura Martinez (Danielle Harris) is a hard-working waitress from a humble family. She resides in a neighborhood that is controlled by criminals, causing adversity for her family. Her younger brother is contemplating a life of crime, and her parents are constantly under threat. Initially, Laura was skeptical of Desmond's offer to assist her and took some time to develop trust in him. In their first encounter, she was infuriated with the police and expressed her anger over their lack of help. 


Sgt. Julie Davis (Leah Pipes) is a colleague of Desmond's, working closely with him as his assistant. Davis is a highly experienced officer at the station who is familiar with everyone and possesses extensive knowledge of the town. 


Gargos (Mickey Rourke) is the leader of the Red Flag gang and the local crime boss. Although Desmond is tasked with chasing him, it is revealed that Gargos is actually the one in pursuit of the Sheriff. He holds significant power and control over the town and exhibits both intelligence and the capacity for great cruelty when necessary.



Detective Wilson (Laura Linn) investigates the Red Flag gang. Desmond asks for his support and for clues, but as everyone else in the police station, no one knows if he can be trusted.


Chief Hu (Randall J. Bacon) works closely with Desmond and conducts some investigations. He is a veteran in the police department and is well acquainted with everyone who works there. Additionally, he has some informants on the streets and even has contacts within certain criminal organizations.


Jack Keller (Peter Facinelli) is a forensic analyst who spends most of his time in the police lab analyzing pieces of evidence. 


Jonah Martinez (Anthony Del Negro) Jonah is Laura's younger brother. He comes from a poor background and has some friends who have joined the mafia. While he himself is not a criminal, he sees getting involved with them as a way to make money and protect his family. Additionally, he possesses information that could help Desmond locate the Red Flag gang, but Laura is opposed to the idea due to the potential dangers involved.  


Willie (Ryan Francis) is an elderly individual who resides on the streets. Although not associated with any gangs, he is familiar with everyone in the area and has witnessed many small criminal activities throughout his life. Desmond attempted to gather information from him, but Willie was aware that divulging anything would likely result in his demise.


Melinda (Nicky Whelan)  receive orders from Davis and Desmond and works on the streets, reporting their progress to them.



(Eva Hamilton)



(Natalie Stavola)



(Ego Mikitas)



(Deena Theodora)



(Tyler Gallant)



(Maria Breese)


Homeless Person

(Neil Wachs)

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Desmond Mitchell, a sheriff grieving the recent loss of his wife and son to drug-related tragedies, became too consumed by depression to continue working. In an attempt to help him recover, his boss transferred him to a different district.


In this new town, Desmond encountered both friendly and unfriendly coworkers at the police station. Some urged him to return to his hometown, while others seemed upset about him becoming the new sheriff. 


Desmond settled into a small apartment and frequented a nearby restaurant for breakfast. It was there that he met a beautiful young woman named Laura. However, their initial conversation revealed Laura's disappointment with the police force, as she believed they were corrupt and failed to protect the citizens. Consequently, Laura did not trust Desmond and desired to keep her distance from him.


Despite his struggles, Desmond felt a deep desire to combat crime and prevent others from suffering like his son did. He also wanted to prove to Laura that he had good intentions. 


Desmond initiated a quest against crime by rallying his fellow officers to search for evidence. He tirelessly requested files, conversed with colleagues, and patrolled the streets to gather information. Through interrogations, he started to uncover hints and eventually arrested a minor member of the Red Flag gang. However, this small victory was short-lived when the thug was released from prison. 


Those at the police station warned Desmond to halt his pursuit. Subsequently, a series of issues arose, including the disappearance of evidence, acts of sabotage, and other problems. The other police officers displayed negligence, and various items mysteriously vanished from Desmond's office. He even experienced a flat tire and numerous other challenges. The situation began to turn against him, culminating in a failed attempt on his life. After surviving the murder plot, the FBI obtained a search warrant and found cocaine in his pocket. 

Desmond knew he had to defend himself, fully aware that someone was setting him up. Thankfully, his former boss intervened and facilitated his release. This incident made Desmond realize he was alone and would have to fight against everyone and everything. His first action was to ask Laura to go into hiding, as it was no longer safe for her to be around. The Red Flag gang would try to harm anyone connected to him. 


Determining that he couldn't rely on others, Desmond chose to work independently, patrolling the streets armed for self-defense. However, he fell into an ambush in his apartment, and the time approached for him to confront "The Sting." It became evident that there was a member of the police force involved in these events, someone whom Desmond would have never suspected. Nevertheless, he refused to abandon his pursuit of justice, even if it meant sacrificing his life.



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Daemon Hillin is a Producer from the United States. So far Daemon has worked in the Hollywood entertainment industry, and he is best known for Apache Junction (2021), Battle for Saipan (2022), and Death of Me (2020).

In 2008, Daemon founded Hillin Entertainment, a full-service and multi-faceted production company, located in Los Angeles,

Daniel Figueiredo is a renowned music producer and entrepreneur, recognized as one of Brazil's most accomplished music score composers. He has composed music scores for over 20 TV series, which have been broadcast in more than 150 countries, in addition to numerous films. Notable among his achievements are the successful soundtracks for telenovelas such as “The Mutants: Pathways of the Heart,” “Opposite Lives,” “The Law and The Crime,” “Joseph from Egypt,” “The Promised Land,” and the phenomenal success “Moses and the Ten Commandments.”

Carolina Brasil was born in Rio de Janeiro and graduated from the University of Miami in 2007. In that same year, she founded a clothing company. As a promising new designer, she was invited to showcase her brand on the runway at Nolcha NY Fashion Week, where she garnered attention as a rising star in the fashion industry. Since then, her brand has gained recognition in the United States for its innovative collections.




The film will have a premiere in theaters, as well as be available on digital video and on-demand platforms. A comprehensive publicity campaign and a dedicated press office will be employed to promote the film.

The expected return on investment (ROI) is forecast within 12 months.

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